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Burnouts, donuts and other car violence presented by our own Kim! Hard music interspersed with roaring engines pops from the speakers while the smoke and the chicks splashes from your screen.

Welcome to the world of the  68 Reapers. The home of 68 Dodge Chargers and gorgeous woman.

Well done, you've found the home of the 68 Reapers! With the 68 Reapers, you experience the wonderful and exiting world of breathtaking Mopar performance, edgy and outrageous burnouts, fun roadtrips and gorgeous rock chicks.

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Meet Kim ladies and gentlemen, she’s our iron lady which knows how to drift and ride one of the meanest muscle cars on the planet, the 1968 Dodge Charger R/T like a boss! Just look at her naïve face, the way she is smiling, damn cuteness overload! Next notice her gentle hand how is holding the shifter and puts into gear… But after that, all the cuteness and softness are gone, she is becomes bad and she feels good! Just watch her torturing the almighty 500 cubic inches V8 which is under the hood and unleashing the hell of the horses which are depressed in that engine.